Hooray! I finally got a new sewing machine

27 Feb

So, after weeks – maybe more like months – of researching and looking for sewing machines, I finally snagged one that I think is going to be fantastic.

After reading tons of forums and reviews, I knew I wanted a Janome machine.  Janome makes solid, dependable machines that are reasonably priced.  Being new to sewing, I wanted something reliable and easy to use, but with enough options that I can grow into it as my sewing skills (hopefully) increase.  I came across this one last week, but while compairing a few models and narrowing my decision, it sold out.  This was all in the same day.  So, I’ve been obsessively watching for it to be back in stock.   After another missed opportunity a few days ago, thanks to me not being able to move off the couch due to illness, I finally snagged one this morning.  Now comes the long wait for it to be shipped, which should only be about a week, but seems like an eternity to me.  Time to start drafting a list of projects to begin once it arrives.  YAY sewing!


One Response to “Hooray! I finally got a new sewing machine”

  1. rosewillow 02/27/2010 at 6:46 PM #

    Congratulations on your new sewing machine! I love the Janome brand. I’ve had three, and they are all brilliant. Have fun sewing! 🙂

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